What is Prog Rock Review?

A brilliant question! Prog Rock Review, or PRR for short, is a platform for the progressive rock community around the world. It is a place where all lovers and fans of the genre can come to meet and enjoy content about our favorite music.

Content may include: images and videos, band and album spotlights, facts and stories, interviews, reviews, and memes.

Our mission statement is “to preserve the old, and promote the new”. What this means is that our goal is twofold; first, we will highlight the classics (mainstream, obscure, or otherwise) from prog rock’s past, and promote the new generation of progressive rock. You will see artists like Yes, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd, to Marillion and Spocks Beard, all the way to modern prog bands you may never have heard of … yet!

We are big supporters of the lesser-known progressive rock bands trying to make it in the world. These passionate musicians work very hard to produce the best music possible, for your listening pleasure. While the classics like Genesis, Gentle Giant, and Jethro Tull are amazing, they do not require the exposure that modern underground bands today do. So please join me in supporting the many modern prog bands you will introduced to.

Since we are a community-driven platform, we will always appreciate input and feedback from YOU, the community. If there is content you want (or don’t want) to see, then please let us know! PRR is designed BY you and FOR you, the fans.

So sit back, enjoy the ride, and Prog On!

Published by Prog Rock Review

Nik is a musician and music journalist. He serves at founder and editor of Prog Rock Review, a community-based platform highlighting progressive rock, old and new. Dominic Sanderson is the chief writer for Prog Rock Review. He is currently studying music and literature in university, and has a huge passion for prog. He loves composing and performing, with his main instruments being the guitar and vocals. He also enjoys writing music reviews and is working on building a portfolio of written work on the music of various prog bands.

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