Guest Post: Bidi – ‘Dans Ma Bulle’ (2020) by Prog Loop!

“Bidi released his debut EP on the 2nd of December, 2020, after 6 years in the making. The EP contains elements of rock ‘n roll, such as distorted power-chord riffs on the guitar, electronic sounds establishing a mysterious atmosphere, prog metal runs, a 10-person vocal orchestra, and even orchestral or big band parts. The multi-faceted nature of such a record makes it hard to classify it as part of a single genre. His influences range from Dream Theater to alt rock band Nothing But Thieves. Apart from his obvious love of genre-bending, the EP’s main theme seems to be contemporary experimentation. For “cause perdue,” an emotional rollercoaster of a song that talks about rejection by a loved one, Bidi layered his interviews with people on top of the bridge of the song in order to augment the melancholic atmosphere. There is also a similar layering in “c’est un depart,” this time with real conversions from space missions since the song is about a space adventure. Oh, talking about space, the lyrics are very… unconventional. The 3rd track, “le gecko,” is about a gecko’s love life, while 2 tracks later tears roll down our cheeks because of the forlorn content of the lyrics. The EP, from start to finish, is full of surprises and small details that Bidi seems to have poured his years into.”

This is the introduction to a brilliant review of Bidi’s ‘Dans Ma Bulle’ published by our good friends over at Prog Loop. To read the whole article, click the link below:

Published by Prog Rock Review

Nik is a musician and music journalist. He serves at founder and editor of Prog Rock Review, a community-based platform highlighting progressive rock, old and new. Dominic Sanderson is the chief writer for Prog Rock Review. He is currently studying music and literature in university, and has a huge passion for prog. He loves composing and performing, with his main instruments being the guitar and vocals. He also enjoys writing music reviews and is working on building a portfolio of written work on the music of various prog bands.

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