“Uncovering The Secrets Behind The Cabinet Doors!” – ‘The Crimson Cabinet’ by Starfish64

Starfish64 are a German progressive rock band led by the versatile Dieter Hoffmann (guitar, vocals, keyboards, programming). Formed in 2006, Hoffman originally created Starfish64 as an outlet for his acoustic, singer-songwriter solo work but with progressive elements creeping into his sound, Hoffman inducted Henrik Kopp (drums), Dominik Suhl (guitar) and Martin Powell (bass, guitar, keyboard,Continue reading ““Uncovering The Secrets Behind The Cabinet Doors!” – ‘The Crimson Cabinet’ by Starfish64″

Neo-Prog: What’s with the ‘neo’ anyway?

Picture this: we are heading towards the end of the 70s, in which the golden age of the progressive rock movement is in a state of turmoil. King Crimson are currently inactive, the members of Yes are in disagreement over musical direction and are soon to lose Anderson and Wakeman, whilst Genesis, already without enigmaticContinue reading “Neo-Prog: What’s with the ‘neo’ anyway?”

“An Epic Debut in the World of Prog” – ‘Empty Circles and Grains of Sand’ by Dominic Sanderson

“Empty Circles and Grains of Sand” is a single release from an upcoming debut EP from British progressive rock artist Dominic Sanderson. Recorded and mixed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanderson contributes an impressive level of musicianship similar to that of Steven Wilson in this track which includes him performing every instrument, writing and arranging the entire piece.