“Putting The ‘Solo’ In Solo Project!” – ‘Clair Obscur’ by Nicolas Willot

Nicolas Willot is a 22 year old solo artist from France who was introduced to music through learning the tuba, trumpet and piano. But at the age of 16, it was the guitar that Willot favoured initiating his interest in prog rock, in-particular Pink Floyd and the 60s psychedelic scene. In 2016 with his creativityContinue reading ““Putting The ‘Solo’ In Solo Project!” – ‘Clair Obscur’ by Nicolas Willot”

‘…The Journey Continues’ with Mal Hijo’s “So The Story Goes”

Two months after the release of their first single, Mal Hijo have graced their fans with the release of their second single; another contributing piece to their conceptual puzzle, ‘Superstar Crematorium’, which they began to shape in 2018 and have since recorded and mixed independently in bedrooms and flats! As a reminder, Mal Hijo areContinue reading “‘…The Journey Continues’ with Mal Hijo’s “So The Story Goes””

“An Epic Debut in the World of Prog” – ‘Empty Circles and Grains of Sand’ by Dominic Sanderson

“Empty Circles and Grains of Sand” is a single release from an upcoming debut EP from British progressive rock artist Dominic Sanderson. Recorded and mixed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanderson contributes an impressive level of musicianship similar to that of Steven Wilson in this track which includes him performing every instrument, writing and arranging the entire piece.

Richard Wright – a gentle soul gone too soon

Join us in celebrating the birthday of Richard Wright with a brief essay on the history and greatness of the Pink Floyd co founder, keyboardist, and vocalist.