Guest Post: Bidi – ‘Dans Ma Bulle’ (2020) by Prog Loop!

“Bidi released his debut EP on the 2nd of December, 2020, after 6 years in the making. The EP contains elements of rock ‘n roll, such as distorted power-chord riffs on the guitar, electronic sounds establishing a mysterious atmosphere, prog metal runs, a 10-person vocal orchestra, and even orchestral or big band parts. The multi-facetedContinue reading “Guest Post: Bidi – ‘Dans Ma Bulle’ (2020) by Prog Loop!”

“Beyond the Prog Metal Greats!” – ‘Beyond the Exosphere’ by Pyramid Theorem

Pyramid Theorem are a Canadian progressive metal band from Ontario. Founded in the late 2000’s, the lineup consists of Sam Ermellini (lead guitar, vocals), Christian Di Mambro (bass, vocals), Stephan Di Mambro (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Vito De Francesco (drums). Since their formation, this talented quartet have established themselves as heavyweight players in the worldContinue reading ““Beyond the Prog Metal Greats!” – ‘Beyond the Exosphere’ by Pyramid Theorem”

“No Blank Drawn Here!” – ‘Anthology Of A Cave’ by About Blank

About Blank are an Italian heavy prog band which originally formed as a hard/alternative rock band in 2015. The members comprise of Marco Venturelli (vocals), Alessandro Ambrosio (guitars), Francesco Mazziotti (guitars), Enrico Scorzoni (bass) and Raul Zannoni (drums). Their latest release, ‘Anthology Of A Cave’ (2019), in their own words represents an experimentation with ‘aContinue reading ““No Blank Drawn Here!” – ‘Anthology Of A Cave’ by About Blank”

‘…The Journey Continues’ with Mal Hijo’s “So The Story Goes”

Two months after the release of their first single, Mal Hijo have graced their fans with the release of their second single; another contributing piece to their conceptual puzzle, ‘Superstar Crematorium’, which they began to shape in 2018 and have since recorded and mixed independently in bedrooms and flats! As a reminder, Mal Hijo areContinue reading “‘…The Journey Continues’ with Mal Hijo’s “So The Story Goes””

“Symphonically Creating Excellent Music! ” – ‘Return of the Foggy Logger’ by The Fat Turtles

The Fat Turtles is an American symphonic prog rock band from Iowa. The leader of this project is Luke Johnston, a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays the acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass and vocal parts on their songs as well as being the writer of all the music and the lyrics – a real labour of passion.Continue reading ““Symphonically Creating Excellent Music! ” – ‘Return of the Foggy Logger’ by The Fat Turtles”

What is Prog Rock Review?

A brilliant question! Prog Rock Review, or PRR for short, is a platform for the progressive rock community around the world. It is a place where all lovers and fans of the genre can come to meet and enjoy content about our favorite music. Content may include: images and videos, band and album spotlights, factsContinue reading “What is Prog Rock Review?”