“The Tale Of Royer The Wizard!” – ‘Wizard At Work Part 1’ by Jeff Royer

Jeff Royer is a 28 year old solo artist from California, working away in his small cabin on Palomar Mountain in San Diego – this is where the magic happens! He is another one of those astounding musicians who love being entirely independent, writing, recording and producing all of his own material unaided. His 2019Continue reading ““The Tale Of Royer The Wizard!” – ‘Wizard At Work Part 1’ by Jeff Royer”

Close to the Edge … Quite Literally!

September of 1972 marked the release of quintessential progressive rock album Close to the Edge, from Yes. Recorded in a period of approximately six months following the bands tour of previous album, Fragile. The band chose a different approach to song composition, with inspiration from classical music structure; the band composed three long tracks consistingContinue reading “Close to the Edge … Quite Literally!”